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Date: July 31st 1917
Amos William
Read by:

Cynthia Dale

Reader Bio
Cynthia Dale is a Canadian actress who has worked extensively in theatre from New York to Stratford, and on screen in countless film and television productions.

853 Nassau St.
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
July 31 - 17

My poor Will -

I just received the casualty message this morning - 10 days coming. It said you were "severely wounded in arms and legs - "and if we could only know, how badly, and all about it. You must have, and still be suffering, but oh, I hope and pray it is not too bad, and that you will be spared to come back to us, t is so hard, to think of you, so far away, and not a thing we can do but watch, and wait, and pray. I know you will get the best care to be had there, and it is a comfort to know you are in a hospital - and not left on the battlefield like the poor lad you told us about in you letter yesterday You were not left long after poor Mr. Pryor, and I was almost looking for it.

Your soldiering is done now, dear Will, and, we shall be looking forward to your coming home, needing some nursing and coddling. Your little daughter will be an attentive nurse, and the poor laddy be glad to have his daddy again. They have talked, talked, talked about you today.

The neighbors have been kind - Some one saw the boy coming with the message, and came in - Mr. Wood's sister, and the Soldier's wife down beyond us, and Mr. Gunn, Mertie was away to Jeffries.

I had just got my mail, & Mother asked for your address now so I sent her & Ruby & Hattie and addressed envelope because they would likely write. Oh, Will, my heart is just breaking we want you back. Your poor broken body. We are loving and hugging you, but oh so far away. It will be long before we get any more word and the suspense is so hard to bear. The message said "further particulars would be forwarded as received", but I shall be so afraid if another message comes.

You will know, poor Will, we are thinking about you all the time, hoping and praying that you are doing all right. The kiddies are trying so hard to comfort me: they do not seem to take it in at all, only don't like to see me crying.

I shall keep on writing to the hospital until I get word where to send it, It will be three weeks nearly before you get this: it take so long. I will say good-night, now, dear Will, and I hope by the time this reaches you you will be well along to recovery. May God bless & keep you, and spare you to come back to us soon.

Good-bye - Love & Kisses from us all Your Wife, Betty Billy and Shirley have been writing too - Billy is all better now.

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