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�of any one getting killed or wounded it make me all the more crazy to get at the huns or maybe it is cause I am brave Ha We are going to France in a draught to the 50th btn and am apt to go to the trenches any time then according to how many causulties thier is the 50th batt are at Ypres at the present time but I don't know how long the will stay there course there lot of good stiff fighting there and that's what we want but I would just as soon go some place where there is not so much fighting for a starter We are line up about three time everyday for kit inspiction and general inspiction and we do a lot of bayonet fighting We have done all our shooting but I guess we have to do some more over in France before we go to the Front

I suppose it will be pretty cold out there now Have you got the threshing done yet I guess I will have to quit now as I can think of nothing else to write I suppose you think it is funny to see part of this letter in ink and the rest with pencel but I was in the Y.M.C.A. when I started the our draught were order to stay in their hut and I had to beat it and finish with pencel. Just write to the same address[?] as usual and dont forget to put on my number My address is Pte W.H. Bell.
A Coy 9res batt

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