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Date: April 28th 1917

Sat. Apr. 28 -

Rev. 3:00 a.m. Our guns opened fire about 4:30 and fired a barrage for about 2 hours. Fritz sent very few shells back and infantry went over trenches. I was a spare gunner this time under cover near by in a sap. Was good and ready for breakfast at about 8:00 a.m. Fritz sends over quite a few shells during forenoon, some of which come pretty close. There are just six of a gun crew at the guns and three stay around it all the time. It was not long after barrage was lifted before wounded infantry and prisoners began to come back. Can see Lens in distance. We are not far from German trenches and are in rather exposed position.

In afternoon for about an hour and a half, our battery was rather badly shelled with 5.9's but none of guns were hit, tho some had narrow escapes. We were under cover in a sap and only got a few showers of dirt. The sap is safe enough from flying splinters, etc. but a direct hit would destroy it.

In evening, when we could get to guns, we fired a good many rounds. Some tear gas around. Got very little sleep that night. The firing started before I got batting in my ears and when it was over, I found a queer ringing in my head and could hardly hear anyone speak. Ammunition was brought up on pack horses.