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Date: March 18th 1944

Lieut. H.S. Burnard South Sask. Regt. C.A.O. Saturday 18/44 Dear Folks- Havn't heard from you for some time but I guess there is mail on the way. Had a box of chocolates from Uncle Les. I'll have to drop him a line tomorrow. Arrived back here last Monday and have been traveling in high gear every since. Brought a new bunch of men down from No 2 so have a job at last. Last night Yesterday we had a scheme that started at 0630 hrs in the morning and lasted until 0830 this morning. We were supposed to carry one blanket and a great coat. I omitted the great coat and as a result got in very little sleep. Next time its my bed roll or I'll know the reason why. The weather here is very nice yesterday was quiet warm and its warm again today. I hope it stays warm next week as we are staying outside for 5 days. Likely it will start raining on Monday and quite on Friday. Things are very quiet here. The first night I was here a bomb dropped about ½ mile away. Then a plane came over and started straffing some vehicles but I was to tired to even get out of bed. Got my results from my gas school and they are satisfactory. I guess I mentioned meeting Harold in Aldershot last Sat, I haven't heard from Shorty for almost 3 weeks I guess he's been on leave and hasn't had the time to write. Can't think of anything more to write about. Hope everything is O.K. with you as it is with me. Cherrio for now Yours Truly Harvey