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Date: May 2nd 1942
Esther (sister)

Dear Es,

I just got back from a week in London with the Collinses Blimey! It was a positively smashing time I ‘ad. They treated me something royally, they did. And I enjoyed every minute of it I did. I stayed with the Collinses on Meudora Road, Thomas Collins, his wife, his son Thomas William (age 21), and his daughter Mary (age 19, I think). They couldn't have been more pleased to see me and want me to go back there on my next leave. And I will, too.

Hs son Tom is handsome and plenty of fun. He and I, his girl friend and her girl friend took in as much of London as we could in the five short days. I visited all the clubs, The Union Jack, Beaver, and the Eagle. We went dancing at the Royal Opera House where the orchestra is on a revolving stage in the center of the floor. It is a beautiful place but a trifle too gaudy. Where we prefer soft colors and lights they prefer the opposite.

I found your parcel #2 waiting for me when I got back from London. Thanks to Bill and you, Esther for the grand things. I also got a letter from Ann #8 in which was enclosed a letter from Mom and signed by Patty Collins (in her own handwriting). I saw Albert Collins and his wife in Fulham. He isn't feeling very well at present. I didn't get to visit Mrs. McCarthy but I saw her son, he's an auxiliary fireman and plasterer.

Everything happened so fast I didn't have time to look up Willie Amato. I won't miss him on my next trip South. I'll have to find out where he is first, then meet him somewhere if we can get off together.

I'm enclosing the first two parcel slips so you can be sure that I got them. Thank's again for the canned goods, etc. I'm sending the tobacco to Bill Collins (the one in London, you dope)

Love to all the kids & mom & Bill & everybody,

Your loving Brother Frank