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Date: July 8th 1942

July 8, 1942

Dear Ann,

Just received your letter #18 of June 15, 1942. Before I go any further 'd like to mention the fact that I don't want you to send any wool at all. If I asked for wool I must have been kidding at the time. And do you remember me saying that cigarettes were missing out of a couple of parcels from mom? Well just lately one of the boys here wanted to see what our Canadian tea bags were like and so I opened a box and what do you think I saw? Not only tea bags but chewing gum and 50 Exports besides. And that's why I couldn't find the cigarettes. And there I was blaming some poor wino cut bloke for something he didn't do. Why, Anne, our packages aren't even opened up for inspection.

There are four Canadians in our squadron. Every night at 5:30 there is a clatter of tin cans as the Canadians go for tea. We all share and share alike. I gave my can of peanut butter to our English Sargeant pilot in my flight. He and I are in the same formation when flying (called a flight) he took it home to his wife. He offered to buy it for 10 shillings about $2.50 but I gave it to him for nothing. You see, Ann, he trained in Canada and while there he used to write and tell his wife about our wonderful peanut butter and when he got back to England and forgot to bring home some of it for his wife (he promised he would) she nearly couldn't get over it.

You can tell Donny again that I got all of his cigarettes. The card must have been lost in the mail somewhere. Thanks Donny you are a real pal. I hope the other cards don't go astray. As soon as I get cigarettes I open up the box and send the card enclosed right back to the sender. When I get a parcel I tear off the custom's slip and mail it back. I got all the razor blades you sent in your letters. I just today got a letter from Mike and he enclosed a couple of snaps of himself and the kids and one of the kids alone. Boy they certainly are growing up! And the spitting image of Mike, too. Except for the bald head.

When I first came to England I thought the people hostile but I see everything different now. I've seen so many hospitable ones. They're really swell to us. Maybe that is because most of the English boys do their training in Canada. So they must be receiving good reports from Canada and wish to reciprocate.

Hello mom, you lucky dear. Your note and package were appropriate. Give my love to Mamaramma. Cheerio.

Love to all of the family


P.S. I believe I told you about seeing Tommy in Southampton.