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Date: October 9th 1942
Millie and Esther (sisters)

Dear Millie and Esther,

Thanks for the parcel and the pictures, too. Yesterday I mailed a letter to Ann thanking her for the parcel and today your parcel arrived, full of canned goods, razor blades and even Nescafe. Gee do they look good on top of my shelf, but tonight they'll taste even better. According to Donny I should be inspecting his parcel any day now and if that arrives the boys around here will be taking a fit. Within the last few days I got chocolates from Mike, cigarettes (1000) from Ann, a parcel from Ann and a parcel from you and Millie and two lots of 300 cigs from other sources, Esther Lat. and Philip P. I do wish the other chaps would hurry up and get their parcels from home because they're so damn hard to satisfy.

I've just mailed 300 cigs to Tom in Ireland. He's not having as much luck with the mail as I am. Enclosed are a few snapshots of the Collinses taken by me in London. It was taken in their back yard. You can probably see the string beans in the background and the leaf lettuce on the ground. The yard is only about 10' by 10' but it's like a farm to the Collinses.

I'll mail your photos to the Collinses and keep moms. She looks as though she just got back from church, all smiles and ready for her plate of Macs and spareribs.

I think I should tell you about the Sergeant's Dance that was held here last night. About 9:00 o'clock last night eight of the sergeant's Pilots that I bunk with left me at the billet (I was writing letters) and decided to go to the dance. At 10:00 four of then staggered into bed and by 10:30 they were all back and in bed. They decided to drop into the Sergeant's Mess for a drink before going to the dance and they got so drunk that not one of them was able to find his way to the dance hall only about 200 yards to the Mess in the blackout. They've only been overseas about a month and have just found out about the real strength of Scotch whisky. I think I had the best time by staying in and catching up on my correspondence.

I've been off tonight. Engines for the last month and hope to stick to hurricanes for a while. Tom used to call me a chauffeur but he has to take it all back now.

Give my sympathy to Phil and Norma. Love to all the folks.