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Date: October 7th 1916
Read by:

Sheila McCarthy

Reader Statement
Reader Statement
As the years tick by quicker than ever it seems the importance of preserving our Canadian past becomes more and more important. Generations of the future need to hear our stories of the past as the last war veterans come to the ends of their lives and aren't around to share their experiences anymore. What better way to keepsake our stories then by reading the beautiful letters written so long ago by the seemingly ordinary wife to her soldier husband? Or from the mother to her son so far away in the trenches? The ordinary becomes extraordinary when we hear their day to day goings on set against the dramatic backdrop of the war. The mundane news in these letters takes on a whole new and extremely moving testament to the time. It is crucial we hear these beautiful letters and treasure them. They reveal so much about who we were and who we are now. Reading these letters was a very emotional experience for me. I was honoured to take part in this wonderful preservation of moments in time we should never forget.
Reader Bio
Sheila McCarthy is an acclaimed Canadian stage, film, and television who in her ongoing career has won two Gemini Awards, two Genie Awards, and two Dora Awards.

841. 4th Street
Oct 7th

My Dearest Flo

Just a line to tell you Poor old Bert is killed I feel awfully bad about it we all do poor old Bert I got just a field card from him last week saying he was alright. I have had a letter or card nearly every week he has been in France till this week I got none from England at all; Poor Bert I had looked down the list every night since he went in the trenches hoping Id never see his name there; but on Thursday night when I opened the paper the first name on the list that caught my eye was our poor old Bert among the killed I stared at the thing for some minutes trying to think it wasn't his number though I know it was for I have written it down every week writing to him. Since he went away I felt so bad I couldn't sleep that night & it has brought my headache back as bad as ever again, I wrote to his Mother but I guess I felt nearly as bad as her he was been with us so long; though she never see him at all Poor thing thats hard, Mr. Brown had a write up in the honor roll for him last night & Teddy saw so came over to see if it was really true I did not see him I was out when he came but Dad was here & they played Cards & I had a poor letter this morning from Poor little Fred & he said oh Ma I have seen Berts name in the Casualty list & Im afraid its him its his Regt & number but he Say of I do hope it isn't write Ma & let me know but I had already written to tell him every one feels bad about Poor old Bert. I dont think he had an enemy do you it must have been the first right he was really in that he got killed I shall worry more than ever about Frank now I have been feeling so bad the last few days I had a feeling something was happening all the time, I guess Ill hear from his people as soon as there is time to get a letter here I hope he didn't suffer Poor chap the last thing he said to me when he left on the Tuesday night was he hoped if they killed him they would do it quick; do you get my letters dear I write to you every week but I think Ill leave off this time as I cant deter my mind to writing today. My head is so bad so goodbye dear heaps of love

Your loving

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Original Scans