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Date: November 11th 1917

Night was bitterly long. Everybody down-hearted, so cold and miserable. At daylight we were sniped at again and had to keep low out of sight. Many men had to go out completely exhausted. Enemy let up his bombardment slightly after day break, but kept up intermittent fire all day. After noon fire let up for short shell and I moved around to find rest of Coy. Was along with Sgt. Mjr. Both other Subs were over a dressing station. All Sgts. Casualties. I found a Lewis Gun of my Platoon but no men on it. At 5 P.M. I was ordered to take a few men and go forward to an old farm yard near a wood and hold as an outpost. I carried L. G. and took 9 men. Heard men talking. One 8th boy wounded and 1 Scotchman. Also found a Welsh boy badly wounded. Could not bring him out but arranged help for him. We were relieved by B. Coy 52nd about 7:30 and I took little party out. Rest of Bn. gone. We were last. Had one lame man. Had to go slowly. Fritz shelled all around for three mi les out but did not get any of party. Had to walk 6 miles in frightful mud to St. Germ Camp. Arrived about midnight got lunch and crawled into bed. Batman had not arrived and my bed was not around. I used someone else's.