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Date: July 22nd 1915
Perry Sanderson

Otterpool, July 22, 1915 Dear Ma, This will not be an extra special letter; one written Sunday was pretty sloppy. In connection with that review I mentioned, I might say that it rained all the day before. Add to this, the 31st who were put in with us as they came fifteen miles from Hyde. It made fourteen men to a tent which was anything but comfort. The next morning we paraded. Just after everybody was lined up it began to rain- fairly poured for ten or fifteen minutes, just enough to soak us. It then came out real hot which dried us outright. This inspection was the best we have had. We struck camp Monday morning. Moving camp is a speedy and interesting spectacle. Kit bags are put outside in pile, guy ropes are loosened and, at a signal, the camps [tents] are all put down at once and in a few minutes are rolled up and put in tent bags. In about two hours from the time we got up, struck camp and the majority of the battalion were on their way to the ranges. We went from the ranges to Otterpool. Got there about three and found all the tents up. The new camp is an ideal one, situated in a fine fairly level country covered with numerous bluffs. It is an old hay meadow. Sure away ahead of the old camping ground. The writing will be worse as I have a short candle in my rear [behind me] and am lying down. The ranges are a little further and we have to go down a long, beastly steep hill to the Romery [?] marsh. A fine farming country, peaceful, flat, covered with small bluffs and, as you come down the hill, you see hundreds of white spots which are sheep. This marsh part is the best example of the prairies I have seen since I left them. Saw a sheep dog rounding up a herd this morning. He just kept running as hard as he could and in a few minutes had them in a flock. It was pretty speedy work. Today, at the ranges, got the best soaking for some time. Didn't take my overcoat- a foolish act, as it rains here most anytime and is cold or cool most all the time. Well, it rained all afternoon and is still at it, hard as ever. All you could do was stick around and [?] as there was no cover. Am fairly well dried out and comfortable now. Have a pass in for this week and to visit my uncle in London. Hope I get it; will go up north with Cameron and Gamble. Will finish this later. The finish- must leave for ranges; will post on way. Love, Perry