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Date: May 29th 1915
Perry Sanderson

St.Lawrence, May 29, 1915,10 a.m. Dear Folks, Well, I will write a few lines and endeavour to get them off when they let the pilot go. Guess they take mail off then .We still have a few hours or so to Quebec. This seems not a bad tub, not a first class one. I guess only second and third class cabins. I think we are third in the rear end, not a bad cabin as third go-an outside one with a porthole so lots of fresh air. The 2nd class are sure swell but these were given to officers, sergeants and some University reinforcements for Princess Pats got them. Four of us moved our stuff and took possession of a swell little cabin but it was not to be. We resisted the Pats but the steward proved too much, we could not produce our tickets so here we are, down below. This is the boat the 32nd went over on. I did not see anything of Montreal as we came right in to the wharf and, after standing around for at least three hours, we went on board and were supposed to stay there. Some of the fellows evaded the guards by climbing over a boat that was laying alongside and from there to the wharf. Several, I don't know how many, of the fellows were left behind, stayed away too long. Some just got back as we were about to leave. Gos was out-got a good view of the city. Was out with a few who knew the city. I was too busy looking for a change of quarters. The St. Lawrence is sure some river. Have not seen many boats on it yet. All along the shore seems to be built up towns and villages. Well 1 p.m. Just finished two dinners. Sat in our place near our cabin, then, on going on deck, found that by going in and sitting at the table in the second-class salon they issue you a ticket and you hold the same place each time. Bannister and I had to make a show two meals and we are now eating in the second-class salon. This is a pretty fair boat and we are pretty comfortable compared to some. We have the 28th Batt, 100 men for the 31st, 250 Princess Pats reinforcements and the 17th battery field artillery abroad. Well, may add to this letter. Just had the pleasure of seeing my first submarine while we watching a tramp steamer appear. This thing came past on the other side. They travel along at a pretty fair pace when not submerged anyway. They are a dull gray or black colour, very little above the surface. [Remainder of letter appears to be missing]