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Date: May 5th 1943

Tues- May 5

Dear Mother:

You must be getting pretty high class if you are starting to worry about getting the new car splashed. I would sure like to see a picture of the car so I could see why you are all so proud of it. You say that you are going to put it in the garage at the back so it must be quite the car if you are finally starting to use the garage. So Glenn will be home to-day well I hope he has a good time while he is home and tell him to wire for an extension if he is posted to Halifax. He will probably get it to as the possibilities of a draft are slight at present. Ken didn't have much time to spend at home did he. I wonder if he went to the same place anyways I will probably hear from him in the next few days and he will probably tell me where he is going to be. Kay must figure that he is really getting overworked the poor thing, he doesn't a drop of work in six months at the garage to amount to anything. It would probably be a better set up if you could get someone else to handle the work at the garage. If he seems so much overworked he had better take a holiday or go drowned himself.

I finally received my laundry from Halifax yesterday so now I have got all my laundry together again. So I owe the air force $1.06 but just let them try and collect it. I started to write this letter last night but somehow I got sidetracked so now I will try and finish it. I am getting a little bored with this place so I hope we get moved someplace soon. It has been raining here steadily since Monday so it hasn't been very nice here since. The boys here are sure getting disgusted with everything and if there isn't going to be a draft pretty soon there will be a small revolution or something. We haven't done a thing here at all except go on route marches and that doesn't relieve the monotony at all. I went to a dance at the Sergents mess here on Sat. and even though we weren't invited we managed to get in. I can't think of anything else to say right now so I will close now, write soon.


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