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Date: January 31st 1944

Jan 31/44

Dear Mother:

My what a young looking couple you and Dad make, nobody will believe that it is a picture of my parents because you look younger than me. It sure is a lovely picture though and it just fits into my tunic pocket so I shall have to carry it around with me. I ate the raspberries the other night after I had walked back from town as I was really hungry. Clasper is such a mad guy over cheese it didn't take us long to finish off the cheese. I am going to finished here in about a weeks time and I shall be going down London way to see Melville so we are getting quite good at looking each other up. He is saving a couple of cigars for me so if he smokes them before I get them you will be receiving a telegram saying that you have lost a son called Melville. I enjoyed those cigars you sent me so please send me some more will you. Oh yes while I am on the subject could you send me some darning wool black and gray and a woolen scarf if you can. I haven't received any cigarettes since I got those at Xmas time so I hope that I get some before I go on leave as your money don't last long when you are buying fags with it all the time. I had a letter from Glenn and it is out on some deserted Island on the west coast of Scotland and he says that he isn't enjoying himself at all. We don't know where we are going at all from here but we will get 10 days leave after we get to Squadron so I will write you near the end of the week and tell you how much leave I am going to get. Kiwi the New Zealander is on Opps now and is apparently seeing quite a little action but still having a good time. Well it won't be long until Woodham and crew will be right along with him. I haven't got any more news for you right now so until the end of the week or till I come back from leave goodbye for now.


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