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Date: June 13th 1943

June 13/43

Dear Mother and all:

I finally got one of these forms so I will write a few lines on it because I don't expect that you have received my letter yet. I would like you to send me my suit and buy me another sports jacket if you could. We can wear civies over here on Sundays and it would be really nice to get into them again and if you do send them don't forget to put a belt in with them. I got some mail from you but it was from Moncton so it isn't very new stuff. I am sure glad to hear that Dad's back is getting better. I am going out with Glenn to-night to talk over old times so I expect to hear all about his mother then. We have really been having a good time here the last few days lying out in the sun. I got quite a sunburn yesterday J but it is all right to-day. I am lying out on the lawn behind the barracks right now writing you this letter. We sure have a lovely garden here with a tennis court and all but so far I haven't got up enough energy to playa game yet. I have started to school for three weeks starting to-day so I guess that I won't have so much time to spend lying around in the sun. But then I don't mind as I really need to do some work after doing nothing for pretty near four months. While I was with Melville he got a letter from Mildred and she said that she wouldn't write him anymore until she heard from him so I guess he will write more often now. I sure hope that I hear from you pretty soon or at least get some cigarrets as I haven't got a one as yet. I am
getting a little tired of the food that we are getting over here. I could really go for a lovely big steak smothered in mushrooms. I even eat cabbage over here and almost all the other things that I wouldn't eat
before. I have fish and chips every night and I had strawberries last night and they were really good. A couple of English girls took us for a walk last night to show us the country and we really saw some beautiful places. All the hedges are so nicely trimmed into different shapes and there are thousands of big rose bushes around. I sure wish that you could see them they are really lovely and are a bright red. They have all kinds lily ponds here with large gold fish swimming around in them. They are about ten times as big as Victors. Well I see where I must close for now.



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