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Date: May 10th 1943

May 10/43

Dear Mother-

Its to bad that you didn't hear from me last week but I guess it was censored letter that I wrote you didn't receive. I got the snapshots of the car and Victor. A modern limousine like that parked out in front of our place must look like it doesn't belong there. It is too bad that Dad hurt his back, I sure hope it isn't as bad as the last time. I am sure sorry that I can't help out a little. I am sure glad that you liked the flowers and received my card, I was afraid that they wouldn't reach there in time but apparently they did so now I can quit worrying about them. So Glenn isn't having much fun, well tell him to make the best of it because when he comes down here and sticks around for a month or so he will wish that he was still at home. I guess he is managing to get a little pickled at times though.

That must be quite a picture of Melvilles squadron I sure wish that I could see it. Well maybe I will the next time I am home. I assigned another $10.00 over to when I was at Halifax so maybe that is part of the $34.00. I guess Ernie is getting tired of walking well tell him when you see him next that its good exercise and that I have been doing it steady for the last month and a half and any change from it is not yet in sight. If Dad likes the Limeys so much as I do that Englishman was lucky to get out of there with a whole skin. It sure is to bad that he didn't take a poke at him. Just imagine some of those guys are going to live in this country after the war. Well anyways they can be assured that I wouldn't leave in their country anyways. I hope I get that parcel to-morrow as I could sure do with some of Aunt Graces candy. I will write her a letter to-morrow anyways and tell her all about everything. It seems to me that you are buying cars fast and furiously but then if that is the only way you can get tires it is okay I guess. You tell Delbert to shut up, he don't know what it is like to get a letter from home and if he isn't doing anything some night he can just drop me a line or two if he knows what is good for him. So we are not the only ones getting cold weather. I thought that this only happened down East but I guess I was wrong. The people down here are pretty queer when I tell them that I am from Saskatchewan they start to call me cowboy and ask me how many cattle I have on my ranch. I am beginning to think that they are all a bunch of very dumb people but maybe they are only kidding me.

I can appreciate how these poor soldiers feel now after I carried my kit around for a while. I am telling you that I sure worked up a sweat when I carried mine. I don't know what I would have done if I had a rifle to carry to. I received a letter from Ken to-day and he is in St. John B.C. but I can't write him there because he expects to be moved soon. He is making $165 a month which damn good money for what he is doing which is just plain nothing. Well I guess that is all the news for now so I will sign off now.


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