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Date: April 25th 1942

April 25/42

Dear Mother:
Well here goes another week. Boy the days sure fly by. I have been here three weeks today and it hardly seems like it at all. We were moved from "A" Squadron up to "B" Squadron on Tuesday and it sure is different up here. The beds are a lot closer together and there are twice as many men too. We are now waiting to be drafted out of here but I don't suppose it will be for another month as we still have about 10 days training to do. Our new sergeant told us we could have a 48 about the 15 of May so I guess I will be home for a few hours anyways. Glenn Traub got drafted to #12 service flying school in North Brandon for guard duty so I will still see him for awhile. That sure is too bad about Melville but of course if he gets sick leave it will be all right. It hasn't been hot here for the last couple of days as a matter of fact it rained about every day for the last week. You had better use some of that $25.00 to pay the next payment on my loan as the money I have signed over won't be taken off till next month. I signed over $10.00 plus the $3.50 for my insurance. I wrote Melville last Sunday so I should get a answer about 2 weeks from now. I guess Ken must be writing exams or something because he hasn't answered my letter as yet. Jack Eaton wrote me about conditions and things down there so I sure am glad I joined the air force instead of the Navy. I send my laundry to Aronford's Laundry here in the station and it costs me about 60 cents a week but I'm sure I can get it done cheaper downtown so maybe I shall start taking it out instead. I am getting a little low in funds because r loaned 0' Toole $5.00 so I sure will be glad when pay day comes on Thursday. Everybody gets paid at once and it takes about an hour. There are three tables with a officer and a corporal at each table. We all line up in alphabetical order so I am about the last to get paid. I bought some more socks and they cost me 65 cents a pair isn't that sort of steep. I have got to buy some more underwear because this underwear they issue you with makes your behind raw. I guess I will have to by some extra garters and fasten it down to make socks. Those pictures aren't bad except for the one I took of Eaton and Boomhower when I sort of cut off their heads. You tell that little drip of a brother of mine to quit beating up on his friends or I will beat him up one of these days. Well so-long for now.

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