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Date: May 25th 1943


Dear Mother:

Well here I am in Limey land and it sure is beautiful here. Every place you look you see flowers and trees. We had quite a train ride so I saw quite a lot of England and about every 2 miles there is a little town and a station. It is so beautiful over here you can't describe it at all. We live in a big hotel here with five of us to a room so we have quite a time. I met Austman here so I have been going out with him at nights. I haven't got on to English money yet or the English ways but I don' think that will take long.

We eat very good over here and I was really surprised to see all the stuff you can get. We had a very quiet trip over on the boat we didn't see or hear anything at all. I even got sunburnt laying out on deck. I felt pretty sick the second day out but otherwise I wasn't sick at all. But a lot of the boys sure were. I came over with Jim's brother so I expect that Jim will be here pretty soon. I have sure met a lot of fellows over here that I used to know so I am right at home.

I wrote Melville a letter to-day so I will find out where he is and when I can see him. I expect to get leave next week so I will be going to London and mebbe I will be able to meet him there. Anyways I will tell you all about my leave the next time I write you. I hope that this letter reaches you all right and that you write soon.


Sgt. T.O Wilson R155694

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