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Date: June 16th 1943

June 16/43

Dear Dad:

I thought that since I have already written Mother a couple of letters that I had better write you one to, just to keep things even. Of course you realize that I will expect an answer to this and if I don't receive one God help you. I don't no how I can expect you to write being all crippled up like you are but you damn well better if you no what is good for you. I expect that you are making money hand over fist right now well just keep it up because I will be asking for a loan anytime now. Say do you remember that Jim fellow who used to drive for Syd Masters, well I met him in London and he said to say hello to you and the gang. That oldest son of yours is just as wild as ever, but I showed him who was master by drinking him under the table. I don't know how either of us got home but anyways I woke up in the morning in bed so somebody must have brought us home. You had better drop him a few lines and tell him what is happening at the Garage because he is certainly browned off after being over here so long. I never seen a guy so fed up on anything so much in all my life. I expect he will snap out of it now that he has moved to a different camp where he will see a little more action. That sure is a honey of a car you have got now and Mel sure wishes that he could get a try at it. But I don't know after driving with him in a jeep I don't know if it would be safe to let him have it. He sure does drive like a bat out of hell. The funny thing about him is that when I first saw him I thought that it was you standing on the corner. He is getting to look more like you every day, you know with an asson him like a bull. How do you like the car? I suppose you don't get a awful lot of time to drive it now that the rest of the kids have learned to drive. Over here we drive around on a bike and I am thinking seriously of buying one as I can save some money. You do see an odd American car over here but they are mostly these little Austins and can they ever go. I haven't had a chance to drive one yet nor do I expect to so I think I will peddle a bicycle around for the duration. If you see Mr. Hollisquist around say hello to him for me and tell him that I will write him a line or two soon. Send some of those cigarrets of yours to will you as I am running kind of short. Well, I guess that that is all for now so goodbye for now and don' t forget to write.


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