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Date: February 18th 1944


Dear Mother:

Sorry I didn't write last week end but there was such a rush over moving that I haven't had much time to do anything. I received the first letter from you in three weeks yesterday so the mail is really coming very slow. I haven't received any fags since I got those that you sent at Xmas time and I would really enjoy some of them right now. I have been smoking the old pipe for quite a while now so I am not smoking so many cigarettes. Melville seems to be getting his okay even if they are slow in coming at least they do get which is more than I can say for mine. Melville keeps answering my letters so damn fast it keeps me busy writing to him. He is due for his leave on Mar 1st and mine is due just about the same time so maybe we will be able to spend it to-gether I hope. He is even taking up reading the Libertys you send me that is of course if I can keep hold of them long enough to send them. He really seems to have reformed and now that is engaged he will probably start to give me some more fatherly advice. He tells me that you are in charge of the proceedings how are you making out and what do you think of the idea. Why just thing you know you and dad will grandma and grandpa. Ha! Hal Won't that make the old man squirm. Why now every time he hears a squeak he will think that its his knees starting to creak. So he is going to disown me if I meet a nice English girl and bring her home with me. I had better find a beauty then so she will just sweep him away. I hope that Mr. Hulls gets that milk bar so I can go down and mooch a few free sundaes. I suppose you will be losing them soon and then who will Victor have to play with. I am not having such a good time on a squadron as my laundry bill runs up to a terrific amount with all the dirty underwear and stuff but anyways what have I been waiting for. I haven't met any of my old friends here as yet but Clasper thinks that he will be posted here to. So we shall be to-gether again. Well I haven't much more to say for now but I will write again soon.


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