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Date: July 27th 1944
Dorothy Godfrey

Much French Mud

Following is a letter from Lieut. Dorothy Godfrey, formerly of Crinan, now a nursing sister on the Western front. It describes the conditions under which these girls work:

Hearing about the mud over here doesn't sound too bad, but actually when a person has to drag one foot after the other it becomes rather a tiresome job. It rains every day here and that's one thing we definitely know for sure. This country is even worse than England for rain, so se just ignore it.

Have been to the cemetery near Dieppe for the Canadians who were killed in '40, and it's really going to be lovely for its well kept now. Have several pictures of it taken at different angles.

We were the rubber boots everywhere we go even hitch-hiking on our day off and think nothing of trapsing 150 miles or more for we usually get rides easily.

Haven't had to bad a time, but it gets very monotonous and discouraging at times to say the least its nothing new to be low in spirit for three or four days at a time. Mail is rather grim at times to say the least. Well if you want to know what is the best to come over - fruit juices, soups, canned meat or fish, cheese for we certainly aren't fussy over here. One thing surprised us was white bread and it sure seems grand to get back to it.