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Date: November 9th 1944
Mrs. Duncanson (Dutton Women's Institute)
Al Burslem

October 12, 1944

Dear Mrs. Duncanson: This is my third letter to your enterprising ladies, and I hope if really indicates how much your parcels are appreciated. My parcels all seem to arrive in groups of three, so that I often have a hard time deciding which one to open first. Actually it's sort of silly when you can read what's in them on the label, but fun anyway. What I intended to say originally was that your parcels to me are almost (she may read this, so have to safeguard myself) on a par with those sent by my wife. You may consider that an extreme compliment, if slightly left-handed. Nevertheless, the boys in the front line do really appreciate the little treats and it bolsters up a fellow's morale just go get a parcel of any kind. I expect you are as disappointed as the rest of us, that the war is not over yet, however, it is merely a matter of time. There's no point in telling you what were are doing here - the newspapers are doing that. The people and homes in Belgium are something to see. The homes are the cleanest I ever want to see. They shine and sparkle. Also they are extremely modern and up-to-date. The people of course vary from one area to another, but most of them, if you are billeted near by, will give you their doorstep and pump handle. The supply of pears, apples, tomatoes, eggs and the largest grapes I've ever seen, continues good. Well, must be off again and the word thanks doesn't even scratch the surface. Very best regards to you all and the very fullest of thanks.

Al Burslem

P.S. - That honey was a knockout.