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Date: December 3rd 1915
Johnson Paudash

Mr. Johnson Paudash of the Hiawatha Indian Reserve, in a letter to a friend in Cobourg, gives the sad news of the death in action of an Indian comrade, Sampson Comego of Alderville and the wounding of Peter Comego. The following is an extract from his letter written on November 11th:

I have been intending to write to you for some time but have kept putting it off, and as you know 'procrastination is the thief of time.' I am very sorry to have to make known to you that poor Sampson Comego was killed yesterday, also that Peter Comego, his brother, was wounded about the hips and has gone to the hospital. Poor Sam passed away to the other side very quickly without struggle at all. He died in Peace. He died for his country. 'Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend.' Sam Comego was buried to-day. Colonel Hughes and Major Wolfraim were present.

The 2nd Battalion has made good out here, which, no doubt, is owing to the training they received. We have a splendid lot of men and officers. Captain Morrison, the commander of No.4 platoon is a fine man as well as an officer. Where danger is the thickest he is there. I am proud to say we have men as well as officers in the 21st Battalion who can be called 'the bravest of the brave,' and should receive recognition. Capt. Morrison is one of them and Lieut. Miller another. If I am spared to return home to dear old Canada, the land of the free, I will bring you souvenirs of some kind. The country in which we are in is all in ruins. I am Sorry I am not allowed to tell where we are if I did the censor would get after me. I will ask you again to write to my wife. It will cheer her a lot to know. I wish to be remembered to all who know me. Write soon and let me know what is going on in Canada and especially in Cobourg.
Yours very sincerely,