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Date: September 29th 1916
C.C. Philp

Sergt. C.C. Philp, of Colborne, who went overseas with the Cobourg Battery draft, and is with the Canadian Siege Reserves, in writing from Hersam (England), says:

It rained here every day for a week and it made things nasty and muddy. To-day is fine and clear however. Nights are a little too cool and about four in the morning one wakes up with a chill and has to tuck in as best he can. Just get nicely asleep again when Reveille sounds. Then it is physical drill until 7, breakfast, fall in again at 9 till 12 and 2 to 4. They WORK during parade hours here.

A draft is leaving here this week. They are warned for duty now and just wait orders for move. Parkes, Smelan, Roberts, Pratt, Climo (Cecil), McMahon, Hand, Hutton, Sudbury and another - eight from Cobourg draft. So you see they have not had a long wait. Should like to have gone along as Smelan and Roberts are in my tent and all are dandy fellows. Roberts was a second cousin of the late Lord Roberts. My name was on the list but quickly scratched because of being a N.C.O. But I as still hoping. Do you wish to go back to dear old Canada without being on the firing line.

There are only 136 Canadians here now. Expect some Australians in soon. They don't like Canadians. Why, we do not know.
The heat is fierce to-day. No nice ice cream here, nor iced drinks, but they manage to keep the beer cool in cellars. The English beer is much stronger than Canadian brew, they say. Pubs are open on Sunday as well as week days.

Best wishes to all friends.