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Date: March 6th 1916

Abbotts Barton Hospital

Canterbury Kent

March 6/16

Dear John

Many thanks for your cable which came this morning. I cabled you this afternoon in reply. I really am feeling OK now, though of course have’nt an extra amount of superflour strength.

I can walk all over town though, and go to the “movies” which are free to wounded soldiers.

Since the bum wing has been put in plaster of Paris it has’nt hurt so much, and I can sleep better. There is nothing to do here but eat huge meals and sleep. Roy Grant was in to see me Saturday and Irving Hall on Sunday so I got all the news.

They are both in fine trim and eager to do their bit. I heard from my old section commander this morning. Things are just going on the same. Our line Canadians is being extended over to the left in the direction of the “International Trench.” Though not as far to the left as that so far as I can make out from his guarded utterances.

I dont think I’ll be swinging a shovel in those trenches for awhile. Anyway I tried to do my best, though I feel my achievements were small.

Even if I have no use of one arm for the rest of my life I feel that I did the right thing for once when I volunteered and have never regretted the day for one instant.

The war looks a darn sight worse from a distance than when you are in the front line.

I’m glad the Sun Life is doing so well. If you want an elevator boy who is used to wearing a uniform dont forget to consider my application. I received a parcel from Mrs Munro when I was in Boulogne, and I dont remember whether I acknowledged it or not. Please tell him it arrived OK. Thanks for taking a certain young lady around. She thinks pretty highly of you and Ab.

Please give my love to all at 17 Elm. and with many thanks for all your kindnesses and thoughtfulnes on my behalf I remain

Your loving brother



Please thank Frank Johnson for his letter. Who sent that Valentine Post card to me from the office?

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