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Date: 1917

About Christmas time, 1917

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Remember our Christmas in Calgary? - the Salvation Army. Gosh! I've often laughed over that. I guess we've really only spent two Christmases together, that is on our own. One in Battleford when all the guests failed to come, and one in Delmas. I've been away three Christmases in the Army, and was away up north on Survey for the other.
Our row has been rather a hard one to hoe, hasn't it Honey Bunch. But if you only knew what a brick I think you are to stick to me thru it all, you would be well contented.

Say, who on earth do you think sent me a Christmas parcel - Mrs. Len Clark. And, it was a dandy parcel. Cake, candy, cigs, sox, and all kinds of stuff. I was awfully surprised to receive it. I think it darn nice of her and very thoughtful. I have also received one from the Frasers. They say you never write them, and I am only able to write every three months.

And so Grey had been attested at last, and I'm glad the poor simp. has got to come. Poor specimen of a man he is! They will likely shove him in a labour battalion repairing roads. That's about all he's fit for.

Well my precious little baby, I must write to Mother tonight. We have no billets where we are now, and are sleeping in the cars, and freezing like the devil. We have no means of keeping the cars warm, so I've seen sitting here the last two hours in my overcoat, and cheer up my pet, there are better days ahead. Good times coming. Kiss wee Bubs for me dear. And listen Hon, you understand that it is not because I forgot him that I didn't send him a Christmas present, but because I couldn't find anything suitable to send by mail.

All my love to you my true little sweetheart. God keep you, and bless you.

Ever your own,


P.S. Excuse the mistakes but it's too cold to read this all over and correct it. Please give my love to Nine. I notice you had send me a Christmas parcel. It has not arrived yet dear. Will write when it does.