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Date: July 4th 1914
Don (Jack)

Tessier Sask
July 4th 1914

Dear Sister:

I received your very welcome letter of the 14th all O.K. I was beginning to think you had forgotten me altogether. I am well, and I hope this will find you with your cold better. That card was a very small thing to send you for your birthday, but I was very short of cash at the time. You are getting to be some woman by now when you can do all that work you tell me about. Did you have a birthday party? I am getting along fine out west here now. I have a bicycle so I can go to town whenever I like now. I live a little better than a mile out. I can be in town in about three minutes time if I bike. Well you asked me to tell you what I do on Sundays and week-days, so I will tell you as nearly as possible. I used to have a chum here when I was here before, and as he has never chummed with anyone else since, we are together a lot now, so he got me to come in and join an association they have in town here. It is called the Knights of Honor. We have a meeting on Tuesday nights, and we are expected to go to Sunday school every Sunday. I go every Sunday, when it is not raining. We have Sunday-School at 10:30 a.m. We have got a baseball team up also. We play with the town team and we are pretty even. We had a Sunday school picnic on the 19th of June. We played with the town and they beat us 6 to 5. I was down to the picnic at Laura on Friday on Friday. Laura is the next town East of Tessier. And the K.O.H. sent a relay team to run in the race at Laura and we got second prize. I had to run in it also. I can run a quarter mile in 1 ½ minutes. Our badge on our baseballs suits are a large white shield with K.O.H. sewed on from the right top corner to the left bottom in blue, our suits are all blue. I go to practice baseball on Tues. Thurs, & Saturday nights on a week-day. I get up at four oclock in the morning and get done work about eight in the evenings. I just got home this morning in time to dress for the days work. I have to go to church every Sunday night as I am usherer in the church. There is only church once on Sunday here. I am driving five horses on a plow now all the time. We get in the field to work by seven in the morning. In the summer the prairie is just like a flower garden. There are almost all kinds of flowers here. Roses grow wild here all kinds of them. The grain is mostly all headed out around here now. We expect to start harvest about the first week of August . Then when we get the work. My friends name is Earl Braun, he is a nice young fellow, he is about twenty one. He is from the Southern states. His father has a farm one mile from where I am. We had a high old time at Laura picnic. We went to the dance after it. Well I guess you will be sick of my foolish chat so. Bye Bye With lots of love From Don

You would not kiss me but you will send them in the letter so here is some loud ones also


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