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Date: November 15th 1914
Don (Jack)

Paddling L. P.O.
Nov 15th /14
Dear Sister:

Well Olga it is a long time since I have written to you, or heard from you. I hope you & Aunt Birdie & Uncle Mat are all well as this letter leaves me feeling fine.

I am on my homestead this winter. I came back here about two weeks ago. It is pretty lonely here, but I guess I will get used to it. There are quite a few foreigners around here. There are some English & Irish here also, but I am the only Canadian near here. I suppose you are advancing on your studies pretty rapidly. How is your throat this fall. My throat is alright so far. I suppose you have been out sleigh riding already. We have got 2 inches of snow here already. I am thirty-three miles from a railroad where my home-stead is. My nearest post office is six miles. There is also a country store eight miles away. I am going to run a cattle ranch here, so I wish you would suggest a name for the ranch. I cannot think of one. There is a dandy lake about � mile from my homestead. There are plenty of fish in it. There is a pretty fierce wind blowing outside just at present. It has been pretty cold for the past week. Have you seen Uncle Willie lately I wish you would tell him and Aunt Birdie to write. You do not want to forget to write either, for an odd letter is pretty welcome away back here from civilization Well so Long and answer soon.

With love from Don

Paddling Lake P.O

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