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Date: May 14th 1918

May 14 1918

Dear Sir

Just a few lines in answer to your most kind and ever welcome letter I received to-day and was more than delighted to hear from you and glad to hear you were all well as these few lines leaves me the same at present Mr. Irwin you spoke of your last letters to me to tell the honest truth it sliped my mind and I had forgotten it ever since we haven’t a place to carry letters in our pockets so it is hard to hang on to them and I will ask you to please except my apology and I will try and do better in the future. My Brother Just rought me a letter to-night asking me for the Norwood paper and I do not get it my self and I would be pleased if you would send me one once and a while. I just found out tonight that Carl had gone back to England under age: My address has changed it is the Special M G. Depot Can Corps. B. E.F France we half to put the address in the body of the letter now. one of my Brothers has gone back to Canada he has gone right through to BC. This is all I can think of just at present so I will close You ask me about Bill Andrews I cannot tell you anything about him for he was not with the rest of us and I don’t know what he was with I will say Good-Bye..

From you Friend.

R.E. Scriver.

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