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Date: December 25th 1944
Humewood School
Lloyd Cater

B.127631 Sgt. Cater LE

No. 1 Cdn. N.E.J.D.


25 Dec 44.


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you and all who helped in sending the parcel I received from the Humewood School. And as usual I just don’t know how to thank, each and every one for there generosity, I guess I’ll really have to wait and thank all of you as soon as this, mad world is back to normal once again.

About a year an a half ago I met with a little accident and had a chance to return to Canada, but some how I figured my usefulness in the Army was not at home, so now my job is helping to get chaps home that were able to see action, for they deserve it. I will admit I have seen a little over here that I can’t and guess I never will get over but to see action is a lot worse for I trained for it, and know what the boys have to go through, and even though I work at times twenty hrs. in a day for weeks on end, I really don’t mind for I feel I am helping out the boys as best I can, and I intend to keep it up just a long as their are Canadians to come home.

But even with what I am doing to help the boys the best I can. You at home do more than a chap or a hundred like myself could do.

Hoping to someday in the next few years to be able to come back myself to a bigger and better Canada which this war is making and to thank you for all you have done, while all of the boys have been away.

I know this sounds to you a funny letter to receive from me, but I really think you are doing a swell job. Keep it up and Good Luck to you and all the association.

Your Friend

Lloyd E. Cater.

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