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Date: 1945
Humewood School
Robert Martin



130 SQDN.


Dear Mrs. Addison:-

This letter is a bit late and I must apologize for the delay. I received the parcel in time for Xmas. Thank you very much; it was really appreciated.

I am at present in Belgium in a remote and lonely spot but our billets and mess are comfortable which is an important thing in weather like this. Its not really as cold as it gets at home but the air is damp and you feel the cold much more than you do at home.

We get picture shows two or three times a week so we’re not too badly off for entertainment.

I am still with a R.A.F. squadron. Its a mixture of all kinds of nationalities. There are two other Canadians.

I have seen Brussels and Antwerp since I’ve been over here. They are fairly interesting cities but of course they can’t compare with Toronto. At present they are expensive towns but that may be because of the large number of services there. On the whole I think I prefer Belgium to Holland.

There is not much to write about as we can’t mention any of our work.

I think that it must keep the ladies very busy packing & arranging parcels for all of the boys who are over here. The thought and the parcels are very much appreciated.

Well I must close for now.

Yours sincerely

Bob Martin

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