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Date: February 24th 1917
Don (Jack)

Somewhere in France
Sat Feb 24th/17

My Dear Sister:
Well I hope this will find you all well and happy there at home. It leaves me feeling as fit as usual. My cold which I had most of the winter has practically disappeared and I am feeling great. We still have plenty of mud and lots of work. I feel ready for bed every night after the day is over I can tell you. I expect it will be over this fall so I can come home to you then. I believe old Fritz will have plenty this summer. I hope you will not think my letters too dull, but really I can't tell you where we are or what we are doing for fear some information of military importance might fall into the enemy's hands, but never mind I will tell you all about it when I get back home again which I hope will be soon. Those French kids sure have the art of begging down to a science. Al we can hear when we are on the march is Beesket or un penny al the time. They like our hard biscuits, and pennies of course as all the children do. We will give them a biscuit, and pennies of course and they will show it in their pockets with one hand and still hold the other one out calling for more. We do not get a chance to pick up much French, as we can't go out of the camp limits without a pass then most of the places are out of bounds in town, as they sell liquor in most cafe's and restaurants and you know we are not allowed anything, but beer or our issue of rum. They also issue smokes here in France. Well Olga I can't think of you as being so large as you said you were in your last letter. Yes you are nearly as tall as I am. Measure 5ft. 81/2 inches in my stocking feet, so you will soon be as tall as me. You sure did right in destroying that letter that soldier wrote you. Some fellows think that when they enlist they have to be regular toughs or they are not good soldiers, but they soon find to their sorrow that they have to be straighter in most ways than when in civilian life. Well give my love to Aunt Birdie, Franc, and Annie, also our uncles not forgetting to keep lots of it for yourself. I will close for now Don't be anxious if you do not hear from me regular. I hope that you will all write often to me too. If you can get some I wish you would send me some sabadilla or something as good, as we sure need it here. Bye Bye for now

I am as ever
Your Loving brother

I will send my address again
pte. J.M. Brown
28th Battalion Canadians
B.E.F. France
No 886089

What does the B. stand for in your name, I have forgotten.

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