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Date: January 3rd 1945
Humewood School
Gordon Stephen

H.M.C.S. Trentonian

c/o Can. F.M.O.

London, Eng.

Wed. Jan. 3rd/45.


Dear Mrs. Addison:-


Many thanks to you and the ladies of the Patriotic Society for the splendid parcel which arrived so timely before Christmas. I was especially pleased to get the sweater because it hasn’t been any too warm here of late. In fact this morning we woke up to find that we had almost half an inch of snow on our decks.


Of course that is nothing compared to the amount of snow that Toronto had been getting according to reports from Mother. You people are probably fed up with it but I’d give anything to be back for a little skiing right now. They seem to have other plans for us though so I suppose it will be a few months yet before we have the chance of seeing the familiar sights of Toronto again.


Extend my heartiest thanks to the ladies on their very commendable efforts to make this Christmas a little brighter than it might have been.


Very sincerely

Gordon R. Stephen

Lieut. R.C.N.V.R.

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