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Date: January 7th 1945
Humewood School
Donald Watt

(Can) R198305

L.A.C. Watt. D.A.

R.C.A.F., Overseas.

January 7, 1945.


Dear Mr. Trusler,-


It certainly was grand of you to send me that fine parcel for Christmas, and I know you will convey to Mrs. Addison my sincerest thanks in this regard. Each and every item was so useful and so well chosen - handkerchief, pencil, toothbrush and paste, shaving cream, writing paper and envelopes, fruit cake, chocolate powder, razor blades, malted milk tablets and candy. I am delighted beyond words with the sweater, and am wearing it at the present moment of writing. You are really too good to me, and I can’t thank you enough.


I understand that the R.C.A.F. is now releasing men who are qualified for teaching to take up positions. Would it not be grand if you had a vacancy and could write a letter requesting my release in order that I might take it over? I believe I gave you my qualifications in a previous letter - briefly I have the High School Specialist’s certificate in modern languages from the Ontario College of Education.


I hope you will not regard this as presumption on my behalf, but I feel that, with my qualifications, I could be making a much more adequate contribution by returning to civilian life. With very best wishes for 1945, and kind regards to others of the staff to whom I am known, I am


Most sincerely yours,

Donald A. Watt


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Original Scans