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Date: January 14th 1945
Humewood School
C.L. Wilson



Dear Mrs. Addison


I’d like to thank you very much for the parcel I received from you yesterday it was really packed full of good things which are much appreciated up here.

We are on an island miles away from civilization and a real lonely place. There is no town, only a hotel and a post office about fifteen miles away. If we weren’t busy I don’t know what we should do but as it is we are fairly happy. The food is very good and the billets are warm and comfortable.


We have a good Naafi with a billiard table and ping pong table.


The fellows are a good bunch and we make most of our own fun. We had a very poor Christmas and New Years in fact the worst of the three that I’ve spend over here. We had absolutely no entertainment whatever and I thought it a very bad show since at other Christmas’s we were able to organize a very good time with a little help from the C.O.


At present I am curing a sheep skin for a rug.  It has taken me about a month. I had to clean and cure it then wash and dry it. I am now combing it and it is coming up very nice, fluffy & clean.


Thanks again for your much appreciated parcel. I hope to be home very soon as I have finished my three year tour over here



Les Wilson


L.A.C. Wilson C.L




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Original Scans