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Date: October 20th 1916

Southwark Military Hospital

Friday, October 20th, 1916

Dearest old Gre,

Just a line or two to wish you very many happy returns of your birthday. I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying life generally. I am very lucky, aren’t I?  Just a splinter of shell through the left wrist. It must have been very small for I don’t think it’s smashed any bones. I am having a most gay time here, and since I was allowed out of the grounds I have been on one continuous round of pleasure. Edith came back on Sunday, and as she lives only about ten minutes walk from here that’s fine, isn’t it? Aunt Rose came to see me last Friday. She was looking very well but has aged quite a bit since I went to France. Winnie came on Sunday looking very well Aunt Constance and Edith came on Tuesday, and I went out with Edith on Wednesday. Yesterday I met Mrs. Webb and Winnie and the two Miss Forshaws. Mrs. Webb was not looking very well and suffers quite a lot, I’m afraid. Today I’m going to meet Mrs. Hubert Taylor and shall pick Edith up on the way. It’s fine to be in England, and they certainly make an awful fuss of one. Everyone just seems out to do all they can for you. Before I came here I was 5 days at Eastleigh near Southampton. We had a concert or a tea-party every day. The only fly in the ointment is that I shall be well in a few days and back to the front in a very short time. How are you getting on? I wonder if you have any trouble getting sugar. This would bother your jam making and bottling. What sort of crop did you have? Has Pavy had another calf yet? How are the Merricks? I suppose Winstone will soon be going to school. Remember me to all the neighbours. I wonder when I shall be back! It will soon be 2 years since I left now. London doesn’t seem much changed though prices are much higher and everyone seems in a hurry – but they may always be like that in London. Give my best love to Fatty. I shall be writing to her in a day or two. This place is just like home, and they treat and feed you splendidly. It would suit me first rate “for the duration.”

Well, my dear, I will say Au revoir.

With very best love to you all.

Your loving brother
Wilfred E. Bury

How’s the church getting along? Is Lance going to get married this Fall? I haven’t heard from you for quite a while, but I was on the move so much at one time that my mail probably had quite a job to find me.