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Date: November 12th 1916
Will Grassie


Canterbury Cottage,
Castle Road,

Sandgate, Eng.

Dear friend Helen,


This is Sunday afternoon and generally the time one takes for attending to correspondence when away from home. I must apologize for not answering the letter that you enclosed in Annie's some time ago. I hadn't forgotten it but just kept putting it off.


I suppose you are still pounding knowledge into youngsters' heads, some of them take a good deal of pounding, but I don't suppose you give them the same kind of pounding that I used to.


As you will notice by the above address, I am enjoying some of the luxuries of civilization once again. Five of us who are taking the artillery training are living down in Sandgate, which is a suburb of Folkestone. We have considerable work to do nights, and one can't work to very good advantage when there are about ten in a small bell tent, and tents at this time of year are not as comfortable as sitting around a grate fire.


Gordon Shrum came over about a week ago and I see him nearly every day. Military life seems to agree with him quite well.


It is a fine fall day, and would be great for a drive out in the country. There is just one thing lacking: that is the horse. We get a good deal of riding during the week, as we are out on
manoeuvers three times a week.


How are all the little people at home, but I suppose they are not nearly as small as they were a couple of years ago.


I get the Smithville Review nearly every week now, and can keep in touch with the local news around town. I hear there have been a great many improvements about the old town since I came away. Please remember me to your mother, father and the others in the family.

Yours sincerely,

Will Grassie.


C/O Luton YM.C.A. Hut

Pleydell Gardens, Folkestone

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