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Date: April 8th 1917
Don (Jack)

Signaller J.M. Brown
No. 886089
28th Battalion Canadians
B.E.F. France
Billets France
April 8th 1917

My Dear Sister Olga:
Well we are out of the trenches at present for a few days rest. We are having sometime cleaning up, as the mud was knee deep in the trenches due to the rains we have been having all along. I have received several of your letters lately, and they are very interesting. I appreciate the one in which you gave me a picture in words. You must be enjoying yourself very much too, attending those concerts you have been telling me about. I am sitting on my bed writing this epistle looking out of the tent door. There are eight others sleeping besides me in this tent, with straw on the floor to keep the mud from oozing through into our blankets. I will try and tell you what I see through the open door. I will do my best, but I know my effort will not be half as good as yours was. Well we are situated on a side hill, half way up. There are plenty of trees growing to shield us from enemy aeroplanes sight. Down in the ravine the road runs through along which passes lines of infantry on the march, lines of transports, and ambulances. Across the ravine is the battle scarred country, and a cavalry camp, all spotted with blobs of paint which make their tents peculiarly invisible to the enemy. I received a letter from Aunt Frank yesterday, and she sent me a snap of Balva, and another of her home. It looks comfortable too. well this is Easter Monday. How many eggs did you eat? I went over to the Y.M.C.A. and had two hardboiled ones today. The Y.M.C.A. is sure a great institution. We can call in there at any time and get hot tea and rest. We sure enjoy it after a long hard march. I intend subscribing to it when this is over, as it is a deserving association. They do more for us fellows over here than the salvation army of others that I know. I suppose that maple sugar weather's over by now. Was there plenty of sap this year? I'll bet you did have a great time last winter with your skies, and hockey skates. I tried rollers once while in England, but made a pretty poor attempt, as they are all together different from ice skates. I am sending you a german mark bill for your birthday present as we are not near a town, so as to get anything better. You may perhaps value it as a relic, anyhow I am putting it in a green envelope, so I hope you get it O.K. They are not supposed to be censored, but sometimes they do anyhow, if they are suspicious. I will not say anything at any rate that would not pass censorship. There is an aeroplane going high overhead at present, and the fellows are arguing as to its make. It's queer that you mentioned reading Daddy LongLegs in one of your letter. I just read it, the last time I was in the trenches, and enjoyed it immensely. The trouble with Jerusha was that she had never seen her corresponsdent so you have the advantage as you knew me before. You asked me if I had a lady friend. Yes I have, or at least I had until she began to think I had more than one, and got rather angry. I do not know how it will end, she lives at Prince Albert Sask. I am late. [?] troubled me some last winter, Catarrh was my worst bother. Well Bye Bye for now, and give my love to Aunt Birdie and Uncle Matt, also to out other relations, and don't forget Olga
I remain as ever
Your loving brother

P.S. I don't know how, but every time I write a letter I get the paper smeared with dirt. please excuse it and the scribble. I'll try to do better in the future.

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