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Date: December 16th 1942

Somewhere in England

Dec 16/42.

Hello Bill:

Received your letter this morning and was pleased to hear from you.

I had a letter from Murray a couple of days ago and it really was a surprise. He’s stationed at Bournemouth which is about 60m miles away. What made me mad is that this week I’m working nights and can’t go to see him. Next week I’m going on leave and then I should be able to get to see him. He can’t come and see me cause he said he couldn’t get any passes just yet though it is kind of funny he didn’t get any landing leave. Excuse the different ink but I ran out I guess when I see him I will click my heels together but at the same time I’ll be glad to do so. I imagine he would feel quite proud getting his wings and a commission. I should be able to tell you all about it after I see him. I guess it will be quite a reunion after three years. I only wish now that I hadn’t of put in for my leave and its too late to cancel it now cause I tried. If I had of got his letter two days sooner it would have been before I put in for it and then everything could have been alright. He may be quite busy for a while so I may have another leave, by then we’ll be able to go up to the old place. I have to get to see him on this leave cause when I come back I’ll be away doing something for a while which will prevent me from seeing him so I hope I see him soon.

I had a parcel from Gram yesterday and in it of all things was an orange. I darn near got down on my knees and worshiped it. I’ve seen them but hadn’t eaten one for over two years so maybe you can imagine what it tasted like to me. I think I could have quite easily polished off another dozen or so. She said in her letter that she was feeling a lot better and I was glad to hear it.

I had a letter from George, surprises will never cease telling me of his marriage. Yes I guess he will find out that the cost will increase considerable when you keep one of your own.

Things have been awfuly quiet around here since I wrote late. They’ll be issuing us with our home guard uniforms any day now. The weather is still pretty good here and haven’t had a speck of snow yet.

Well Bill that’s all the news at the moment but hope to have more to tell you the next time I write. I hope you all will have had a good Xmas and New Year. Give my best to everyone at home. So long for now and I’ll write as soon as I see Murray.

As Ever


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