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Date: May 15th 1917
Don (Jack)

France May 15th/17
My Dear Sister Olga:
Well at last I have settled down to answer your many letters which I have lately received.
I hope you all keep well over there, and are doing well. I remain as well as ever, and am still patiently waiting for the war to finish. I get rather homesick for Canada at times, but aside from that I am O.K as usual. You asked me what I meant by Beesket. Well that is what the french kids call for, when they wish to beg for our hard biscuits out of our reserve rations, and by Sabadilla that is a powder put up in tins, for to kill vermin. You do not need to bother sending me any now though, as we can procure it here most of the time. Thanks just the same. Yes I knew Billy Bryan, and the Martin family well. Bryan rented Leadbeater's farm the year he married Miss Martin, and I used to help him milk the cows and such like. I used to like him fine, and we got along well together, I saw him the last time I was home. He was then living just out of Lyndhurst. You might mention me to him sometime is you like. Well how is Babe Nell coming on lately? Is she as fat as ever? I suppose you are still doing well as usual at school. I got a little gas, one time, lately, and thought I was going to be sick, but I was pretty lucky so did not get enough to bother me, so I m jake, as they say.

same address as usual

I have not heard from Kingston for a long time past. Aunty Frances sent me a parcel some time ago, but sorry to say it never arrived yet. Well I hope you will not forget to write often. I will at least drop you a card once in a while to let you know i am still kicking.
Bye Bye for now. I remain as ever. Your loving brother
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Yours Don

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