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Date: January 3rd 1916

France: Jan 3/16


Dearest Queenie:-


Here I am at 5 am writing a note to you from my bunk everybody is quiet except for a cough occasionally & so I have peace & quietness for once to write.

There is a heavy wind blowing & its very wild & if allowed to blow for a day or two without rain would soon dry things up. but no such luck ever comes for when we think we are going to get rid of the wind for a day or two down comes the rain again. My cold is much better Thanks to the pills which I rec’d New Year’s eve wasn’t it nice to get your lovely parcel that night with all its wonderful packages (not to be opened till X mas) why they were a perfect delight & I had a Xmas day all my own for this box I’m keeping very selfishly perhaps for my self. I’m eating one of mothers apples now arent the beauties, everything arrived in perfect condition & you would hardly think it had been on the way for so long & come such a long way. I had 5 parcels last week from Calgary. one from mother & one from Marion & Gyf & one from Mr Mackenzie & another from cousin Bert in Calgary & your own. I turned 3 into the mess & I still have yours. People have been very good to me indeed and very thoughtful


Now Dearie dear, I’m sure you are all feeling worried over Mr Hall he has been sick such a long time, give my sympathy to Mrs Hall, will you, Forever out here with all our troubles we can sympathize with others

Give my love to your chums & mine & a big big kiss.

The war seems to drag on & the most of the boys have the opinion that this year won’t see the end with all their peace talks but I hope it will for tho we are not feeling the pinch here (soldiers must be fed) they are in England & you are in Canada. the cry often goes to up to God from my heart. How long oh Lord how long. yet in His own good time, it will finish. God grant it maybe soon & now I’ll close dearie with love to all of you & the wish of my heart that soon we all may be reunited

& with love & kisses I remain

Your ever loving Boy Will



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Original Scans

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