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Date: June 12th 1917
Eleanor, Dorothy, Grace, Margaret
Sgt. Arthur Jackson


June 12, 1917


Dear Eleanor, Dorothy, Grace & Margaret


I had intended writing to you all before this, but being very lazy I kept off doing so.


The parcel you sent to your Daddy reached the Company after we had gone to England, which resulted in the members of the non commanding officers mess, of which your father was a member, seizing the parcel for themselves. This may seem very selfish on our parts for taking it, but remember your Daddy was in Hospital and it is not likely they would have given it to him, even if we had known where he was, to send it to him. Also those of us who are in the mess together have agreed, that when anyone of us leaves, those staying behind, can have the parcels which are sent to the member who is away. Thus you see how it is that we took Daddy’s parcel


Are you very cross with us?


However after we had opened it, I was sorry we had because we could see that it was a very special parcel, and not just an ordinary or common one. Still since it was opened there nothing else to do but eat it, which I can tell you we did and enjoyed it very much, eating it all up to the very last little piece.


I was lucky enough to get an apple and I can tell you that I had not enjoyed anything so much for months, as I did that apple. It was a rare treat. All who were fortunate enough to be in at the time, that the parcel was opened, all agree that it was the best treat we have had for some time.


Therefore Eleanor, Dorothy, Grace and Margaret please forgive us for opening it, but since we did so, please accept our many thanks.


Your Daddy’s Friend

Arthur Jackson, Sgt.


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Original Scans

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