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Date: November 19th 1917
Don (Jack)

Nov. 19th/17.

Dear Sister:

Your ever welcome letter rec'd all O.K. I was expecting it sooner, but was pleased when it did come. I am glad to know you are all feeling in the best of health. No I never get tired of reading yours and Marion's troubles, as the most I ever get is one in a week so I have plenty of time to get over the last one. I hope you will not take me seriously, as I do not mind hearing of your troubles. One thing, I tell you of a lot of my troubles, so we are quits.

I expect the last time I wrote you was from Belgium. Well war is awful in France, but it is not a patch on Belgium. It is the worst imaginable up there, and I can assure you I never want to go to that country again. We were sure a pleased bunch when ordered out of there. Oh well, there is an end to all things, and there was hundreds of times when I thought my career was finished, but here I am and mighty pleased to be able to say I am O.K. with a capital O.

My tonsils have bothered me some already. In fact I was quite sick for a couple of days, but managed to get alright again. I hope you did not do too much damage on Hallowe'en I didn't, you bet, as I happened to be too near to the sausage eaters to pull off any stunts. I am sending you one of his field cards and a letter card as a souvenir.

Well give my love to all at home, and write often. Your loving brother, Don.

p.s. You can suit yourself if you want to Marion or not. She would be pleased though if you did.

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