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Date: March 14th 1918
Baby Eleanor

B.C. C E J D

Seaford Sx. 14/3/18


Dear Baby Eleanor:


 This is really my first letter to you just think of that- a real first letter from your daddy. something you can keep to look at occasionally in future years. you don’t really know your Dad? do you darling only 2 years is not very long in our older lives but Dad wouldn’t know you now if he met you anywhere but home & you wouldn’t know Dad would you? How I would love to love you Pet & allow you to monopolize me too & you would do it too I believe. Dad is sitting on the side of his board bed, resting his foot on his knee & his back against his blankets its very cold & wet today & we feel it as much because we have been having such a spell of lovely sunny weather for the last 10 days or so. but we have no snow, but we would rather have it than the mud we do have but thank goodness, we don’t have your cold here or we would all be frozen to death as these huts of ours are not weather nor wind proof & there is a draft of wind catching me in the back of the neck now. now darling kiss & hug mother & Grandma for Dad & love your big sisters & Aunt Queenie, & keep lots of kisses & hugs allways in stock for your dad for he loves you best and would oh so love to see your [?] just now Darling Bye Bye



Original Scans

Original Scans

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