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Date: November 11th 1918

Peace sweet Peace

The Gift of Gods love!

Hurst Cottage


My darling:-


I just can’t keep but write to you tonight. the day of rejoicing has come at last. the day we have all worked & longed for & peace is in sight. oh how glorious it is I can see you all Pet here the children crying Daddy will soon be home Daddys coming home. see the flags up & you all with smiles on your faces welcoming in the glad glad news. I’m sitting in Hurst cottage beside Miss Judkins (Gran) while she is writing I’m writing too: for on the day of all days my first thoughts are for you & yours. what would I not give to be with you now, there is nothing on this whole earth that I desire more than that. But it won’t be long. I feel it is very near a few more moths & then home sweet

All the Canadian boys are out of camp today & I’m afraid there will be a great deal of trouble keeping them in check now. I hope not but that everything will be conducted in decency & in order. we are all happy & yet there is a solemnity about it all that makes us want to cry. we think of the many hearts who won’t rejoice at this time who will want to cower away & hide themselves from all rejoicing because of the loss of loved ones. a dear mother here today has gone away from her loved ones two of her boys came home on Saturday & the excitement proved too much for her & she passed away this & many other sad things has left a note of sadness amongst all our rejoicing but we are glad its over. We boys are supposed to go home first because we are a nuisance & I fancy we won’t be needed but no one knows just what schemes the Gov’t may have on foot for sending us boys back but I think they will lose no time getting started. There is no use talking about it the more I think of it, the more I long for you all. I can think of nothing else. its bigger than anything else to me. you wouldn’t expect anything else could you. 3 years away from you all. I’ve just brought Gran down to the vestibule she is playing now for the boys there is quite a crowd here made up of the fellows who don’t want to get drunk. that seems to be the chief way most of the soldiers seem to show they are rejoicing rather a farce isn’t it. How many letters is this you have had from me since I’ve one from you. but oh you’ve had so much trouble yet & I’m not near to comfort you or help. but you have one who can darling haven’t you. One who is always faithful & I know darling you find rest & peace there. your boy would love to be there, but he can’t but maybe He will permit us darling soon to be together again. I hope you are well. I’m longing for further news of you all its such a long time since Oct 6. That so much can happen I have a cold in my head, but that amounts to nothing now darling there is too much noise going on & I must close but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you & yours. let me kiss you darling & let my own arms hold you tight my darling my wife  I love you I love you so.

Your boy Will

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Original Scans

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