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Date: November 30th 1916

Somewhere in France

Nov 30/16


Dear Wife:-


just a few word before turning into bed. I still manage to get a few lines to you but I don’t know when this will be posted but I get it ready so that I may get it off just as soon as I can.


We have some strange quarters in this most interesting country last night I was sleeping in a barn. Tonight I’m in a house, sitting on a lovely walnut bed-stead, but I’m not sleeping on it my sergeant is but I’m on the floor. but it’s a good deal warmer than in the barn & I can write to you even tho I have no fire tho one would feel very good indeed. the room we are in tonight is one of the nicest I have yet seen, which of course isn’t saying much, yet they are all much the same & I have some cards of one of our town billets which I will send on to you as opportunity offers there is generally a long street all lined with barred big doors. Double ones face the street the house is generally at the back & the manure heap is always in the center if a square of farm buildings oh they are a sanitary bunch here & yet they appear healthy. The wells are all deep 200 to 300 feet, but on every one is the sign This Must be chlorinated before drinking we can use it for cooking & it tastes very good tho; but the Dr would give it to us if he caught us drinking it.


Well I sure would like to be home tonight. it isn’t often the longing gets the better of me this way just a craving that can’t be satisfied & I think I will have to go to bed to forget you all, that isn’t a very nice way of putting it so you won’t take me up wrong dearie will you. letters are so easily misunderstood, but we know each other pretty well now & know that to each other we are all in all.


This old war drags on & doesn’t seem any nearer coming to an end than when I enlisted, but lets hope it will soon cease, but at present the outlook looks bleak on all sides I sure am sorry for Rumania had quite a feed of apples this afternoon they were still on the trees little scrubs but they sure were good to us. anything in the way of fruit is a luxury I sometimes get some from London but it don’t last long, now darling I must close as we travel far & early in the morning & my feet are sore & want a rest. Good night & God bless & keep my darlings safe. Kisses & hugs for all



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