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Date: December 22nd 1917
Don (Jack)

Dec 22nd/17.
Dear Olga -

Just a line to wish you all the best of health and luck for the New Year and forever after. We are having a special dinner and entertainment for Xmas, and then I expect to go on leave to Paris shortly after, besides I do not expect to be in the line before then, so I am feeling pretty happy about it. And just think of it a clean white bed to sleep in, away from army rations and shell fire for fourteen whole blissful days. It seems too good to be true. Nevertheless it will be so, so I am banking on a good time, and expect to see quite a few sights of the city that I have read of, not a little. Yes I rec'd the parcel all O.K. and the sox were dandy and warm, the maple sugar was excellent. I have rec'd quite a few already this Xmas and they are a welcome change I can assure you. Our winter is now on over here, one day it is about ten below zero and the next we lose all our snow. It reminds me of early spring in Canada. I rec'd a very nice parcel from Leadbeatter's. They enclosed a piece of their daughter's wedding cake. At present we are living in an old house next to an estaminett. We get all kinds of billets over here. From a stable to a room of a chateau. Well Bye Bye for now and write often to

your ever Loving brother
Best regards to all

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