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Date: January 31st 1918
Don (Jack)

My Dear Sister -

I am still going strong. I rec'd your letter O.K. and am glad you got my little remembrance for Xmas in good shape. I have got back to soldiering again after my leave, although it was rather hard to settle down to the routine, but one never forgets how to duck old heineys' shells. I was awfully lucky last year and only hope to be as lucky till the scrap is over. I hope you are all as well as ever at home there, and that you keep in luck. I have not heard from Aunt Frank for an age. Yes I too wish I had been home for Xmas, but I had a gay old time at New Years up in Paris. I intend going there next summer if my plans all work out as I hope they will. But in Canada in a cetain town I could have had a far better time, and I hope to be there next year. At present I am sitting on my bunk which is made of four scanthing and some chickenwire netting stretched across. For blankets I have a rubber sheet stretched across the wire and an overcoat over me. We are living in the cellar on a onetime brewery. There are some wonderful caves, cellars and tunnels in this country. Even after the whole upper parts of the houses are levelled whole battalions find accommodation underground. It is some experience over here alright for anyone who is lucky enough to pull through this alright, to look back upon. Well I'd better ring off before I get started or I may write too much. Give my love to all at home. Bye Bye for now.

Yours ever

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