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Date: April 25th 1918
Don (Jack)

Woodcote Park
My Dear Sister -

Just a line to tell you I have changed my address again.

My address at present is - Sig. J.M. Brown 886089, Hut 31 C. Division Can. Convalescent Hospital, Woodcote Park Epson, Surrey England. We are having a good time here. I do nothing, nothing to do, and all day to do it in. I was in to London the day before yesterday, to the theatre. There was a dandy play on. After the play we visited the town and got back to camp at 10 p.m. No late hours here. The show was free to us in blue. The orderlies who bandage my hand all tell me that I will make Canada on it, but I am not so hopeful about it. I do not think it will ever be well enough again though to let me go back to France. I expect they will give me a job, over here till after the war. Our camp is just outside London, and I expect to visit there quite often in the near future. I have not had any of my mail back from France yet, but expect it any time now. I see quite a few of our battn in this camp too. I hope you are having good weather out there now. It is very unsettled here at present. The sun shines one hour then rains. I hope you are all well and prospering at home there. It is near time I came to visit you again. It is near time I came to visit you again. It is about six years since I was there before isn't it. Well I am feeling in the best of health at present. It is a little awkward with only one hand. That is all.

With best Love to you all.
Your Loving

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