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Date: February 11th 1915
Donald Cameron

THE ADVANCE - 11 February 1915 - PATS AT THE FRONT

First Day in the Trenches - Appalling Shell Fire.

Montreal, Feb. 8 - News of the doings of the Princess Patricias at the front is contained in a letter received yesterday from Lieut. Donald Cameron, by a Montreal friend.

Since being at the front we have been on the move constantly. We have a kind of �tour de role.' Which begins with our turn in the trenched, support, and then rest - this last being more acceptable.
"Our first experience in the trenches was one which none of us would have liked to have missed, but at the same time one which we hope never to experience again.

We marched for two days, carrying �our all,' and went into the trenched to the music of rifle fire in front and behind, and all around, especially around, and close to our heads. When we arrived all safely in the trenched, we found ourselves up to our knees in mud, and we remained there for 48 hours.

The first day we were subjected to a most appalling shell fire, about 150 shells fell all around us, and sometimes they came eight at a time. One felt that our chances of coming out alive were nil. But wonderful to relate our casualties were few. On the second day it started again, but our artillery fire soon had the supremacy, and our feeling for the English gunners was a great desire to buy each of them a Scotch and soda. We were relieved that night, and had a rest for a few days.

The next time we went to other trenches, which were just as bad, but only remained 24 hours. Here the German snipers gave us a hot time, out with little fatal result.

Our day is coming, and as we maintain and increase our supremacy in artillery, we will gradually drive the beggars out of the country.