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Date: June 2nd 1918
Don (Jack)

My Dear sister -

Well I hope this note finds you all well at home, and not working too hard.

Do not be surprised if you happen to see me home this fall. I am given up as a bad job in the massage department. My thumb and first two fingers are no use at all. I expect they will come into use again, in time I am marked for a board, so it is just what they say that goes. Probably they will put me on a job of some description in this country, but I will not be going to France for a long time anyhow.

When Marion sends that engagement ring and my watch to you, will you please forward them on to me without fail. Register them so I will be sure to get them. The reason will be seen later. I had another letter from her sister yesterday, and she tells me M's old man has gone back to the states to enlist, so it is likely she will still have to wait for this war to finish before she can enjoy married life. I do not find it so hard to forget as I thought it would be, especially when I see the shallowness of her at times. She would be surprised if she was to meet me one of those days in Prince Albert Her sister rather wants to take her place, but I am not having any. A friend of mine made me acquainted with a nice girl a while ago, so I am keeping her company while here. It relieves the monotony to have some place to go and someone to talk too, besides soldiers all the time. We are having lovely weather here now, and England sure looks grand in summer. I like to lay in the grass and listen to the larks and blackbirds and other songsters sing. Their birds are also great singers, so you see I am the same old dreamer as of yore. I stayed out until eleven o'clock on Sunday night, last, without a pass, was up for orderly room on Monday morning and got 5 days confined to camp. It is the first crime I have had since joining the army. It is likely more will follow, now that I have started. I'll try not to, though. Well give my love to all at home. I'll ring off for now.

As ever
Your Loving
p.s. My partner has not had his leave yet. I wish he would soon though, as I want to see him before I get Back.

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